Feedback von ehemaligen Stipendiaten

Article about the Programme with some experience reports of interns

Андрій Гончарук: Стипендаільна програма німецької економіки для України – ще один приклад успішної участі Торгово-промислової палати України у міжнародних проектах.

Yaroslava Bielykh – pbp prasch buken partner architekten partG mbB, Hamburg, 2020thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

Ich könnte mir nicht vorstellen, dass es SO gut sein würde!

Mein Praktikum läuft in einem tollen Architekturbüro in Hamburg und ich habe wirklich viel für meine Berufserfahrung bekommen. Zuerst habe ich 2 neue Programme gelernt, die in ganzem Europa genützt werden. Und dann habe ich an einem Projekt gearbeitet, der schon gebaut wird. Und das ist wirklich toll, eine Baustelle zu sehen und zu verstehen, dass ich damit verbunden bin. Aber das wäre unmöglich ohne Unterstützung von GIZ. Diese Leute machen wirklich viel für uns und wir fühlen, dass wir nicht allein sind (Danke Berthold, Kirill und Andriy!). Obwohl es nicht einfach ist, alle bürokratische Sachen zu erledigen, zum ersten Mal in Deutschland zu sein und so viel zu arbeiten. Aber alles hat gut geklappt, ich habe viele neue Freunde gefunden, Deutschland kennengelernt und viele Berufskenntnisse bekommen.

Was Corona-Krise betrifft, habe ich, zum Glück, keine Stunde im Homeoffice gearbeitet. Meine Kollegen aus Büro könnten diese Möglichkeit verwenden, wenn sie Lust hatten. Deswegen haben wir viel Platz im Büro gehabt und problemlos im Ort gearbeitet. Ziemlich lang durften wir nicht reisen. Aber das war eine gute Gelegenheit, von Hamburg mehr zu erfahren.

Also ist mein Praktikum wirklich toll und ich bin voll glücklich, dass ich an dem Stipendienprogramm teilnehmen kann.

Daria Tovkun – Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, 2020thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

We all know that there are events in our lives that completely change our attitude to some events and turn your inner world upside down. The internship in Commerzbank AG was one of such events which was both an incredible experience and an exciting time spent in one of leading EU countries. If you ask me, if I was afraid of submitting an application form for the participation in this program, I will definitely say yes. Although having previous experience of living in Germany while studying at the University of Constance, I realized that working for one of the best banks in Germany will definitely be a challenge and that I will have to encounter unusual issues unknown before. This fact didn’t prevent me from applying for this program. You never truly know what you are up to, unless you try to leave your comfort zone and allow yourself to dive into the world of challenges and complexities.

My internship consisted of working for four departments so you can better get a clear understanding of how the bank works from different angles. I started in the Financial Institutions department where I worked in cooperation with the relationship managers responsible for the CEE region. Apart from taking different training, I fulfilled the tasks related to checking the deals for the banks, the terms and conditions at which the banks entered into an agreement and learned how the specific internal banking systems work. I have previously worked for the consulting industry, so it was simultaneously unusual and exciting to work for the banking sphere. Further I was transferred to the Compliance/KYC department, where I received a rather deep understanding of how does the onboarding of the new client process looks like, studied the European legislation and enhanced my research skills. This department allows you to challenge yourself in a role of a detective, where you can learn to justify risks in a proper manner and learn how to mitigate them so not to put the bank in a risk of losing its good reputation. It is truly exciting to learn the best practices used in the bank, study the compliance program aimed at prevention of any money laundering risks, terrorism financing and cooperation with risky Clients. You learn from the real guru in this area and get a clear understanding of how should the company adhere to the regulatory requirements and to general approach of securing itself from any issues that can lead to losing its good reputation. After KYC, I challenged myself in Financial Institutions Relationship Services department, which is a payment processing department.

The period of the beginning of the internship coincided with the spread of the coronavirus via the world, which of course influenced the way people worked. Commerzbank divided its employees into two teams, so that one team can work for half of the month and the other one for the rest of the month in the office. So generally, we were allowed to attend the office premises and to fulfill the tasks in the usual way. We also received the tasks during the time spent in the home office. Fortunately, we were lucky to have an opportunity to work in a normal way.

Living in Germany is definitely not only about work, it is about travelling, astonishing culture and traditions. It is about changing your lifestyle and general approach to it.

I am extremely grateful to the GIZ program that it provides opportunities for the young generation to participate in such programs aimed to allow to work for the biggest world-known companies and to get valuable experience so you can implement this knowledge in your future career. The preparation process was organized on a high level and the members of the program are being supported during the whole period of the internship. Never be afraid to apply, be daring and willing to set a new stage in your life and believe me that you will never regret about it.

Roman Petrenko – Siemens AG, Erlangen, 2020thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

At the university, we gain a lot of theoretical knowledge and skills. But without practice, this knowledge is quickly forgotten. Also in the modern world there is an ongoing competition for the best places in the best companies. It is not enough just to graduate from a prestigious university with honors; a graduate should also know foreign languages, have work experience and freely demonstrate teamwork skills. That is why I decided to apply for this scholarship program.

After successfully completing an interview for the program, I had to submit documents to a German company and have an interview with them. The most interesting offer for me was Siemens. In the case of Siemens, I had to independently search for the necessary internship on their website, since it was essential for them to interact with me personally. But the company is large and there are always internship offers, you can check it yourself at The most important thing was not to be shy about submitting documents for different internship positions, in total I sent them requests for 12 internships and for one of them I was offered an interview. It was an internship in the student laboratory (open IT lab) of the Siemens Healthineers, where there were students from all over the world. I worked in an international team of 8 people from Canada, USA, Italy, Poland, France and, of course, Germany. With them, I worked on many projects aimed at helping the company in the field of IT. In this case, the lack of experience played to our advantage, because our supervisors wanted fresh ideas from us. We spent a lot of time brainstorming how to improve certain processes in the company. Since my area of study is closely related to IT and sensors, I developed mobile applications for company employees, made websites, worked with microcontrollers in the area of the Internet of Things (IOT).

Unfortunately, the coronavirus made its own adjustments, and after 2 weeks of working in the office I had to switch to home office. But this did not greatly affect my internship. Since the company has significant resources, they quickly purchased the necessary equipment and transferred almost all the employees to working „online“. We also had the necessary software for convenient and constant communication. The communication format was in the form of online meetings, there were even more of them than in the office, because for them we no longer had to gather in a separate room. The company bought interactive whiteboard software where we could make notes, mock-ups and drawings, to some extent it was even an advantage, since in the office we wrote our ideas on pieces of paper, and then we could lose or throw them away. In general, I am pleased with my internship, a lot of new acquaintances, a rapid increase in knowledge of a foreign language, an understanding of the company’s processes. This experience has opened up many job opportunities for me in the future.

Pylyp Strelnikov – Stadtverwaltung Magdeburg, Magdeburg, 2020thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

Herzlich willkommen, as the saying goes! Our life is so changeable, flexible, unique and hard. But it`s fascinating and unforgettable at the same moment. We live in the world of great opportunities. And I had an interesting and cool opportunity to take part in the Internship Programme of German Business for Ukraine. I covered a long way to be a participant of GIZ programme and I am happy to be a part of this wonderful family. Every moment of my stay in Germany is worthy of a story. What a nice and funny first introducing week we had in Germany! What a nice internship we had in Germany!

I want to say right away that the application and selection processes for this program are long and serious, but it is worth it. You fill the application, choose your field and specialization, pass an interview and wait for German companies to contact you. You are open for all the new in your life and please, be sure, that this opportunity will be unforgettable for you.

As for me, I passed my internship in the City Administration of Magdeburg. And we all met with unexpected event which influenced and changed our life: Coronavirus Pandemic. I think that this situation made us more attentive, strong and flexible. Many people had home office but some of them could choose between work at home and work as usual but with all protective measures.

I participated actively and partly in the daily work of the department, in working meetings, in start-up conferences and events as far as it was possible due to Corona virus. COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on many things, working trips, appointments and events. However, people became an understanding on how to live and work in this challenging situation.

I want to say great thanks to GIZ and all who took part in this wonderful scholarship program. The group of talented people help other people get professional skills and knowledge in Germany. The talented participants share impressions and experiences among themselves. And it is really fantastic. I wish all the best for future generations! I send the warmest hello to GIZ and see you!

Anastasiia Orji – SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG, Walldorf, 2019

Serhii Alieksieiev – Knorr und Bremse AG, München, 2019

Dmytro Shapoval – Eigenbetrieb für kommunale Aufgaben und Dienstleistungen (EAD), Darmstadt, 2019thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

From the moment of my first interview during selection process till the beginning of the Programme, I remember only positive emotions. The first impression about me and the first fail from my side, as I crumpled Dr. Volberg’s business card as I was nervous. Thankfully, it was perceived as a joke that gave me a feeling of friendly atmosphere. During the interview, there was an interesting conversation with the organizers about ecological issues in the world, however they warned me about only a 5% chance that I will have opportunity to take an internship in recycling sphere without any knowledge of German.

In the autumn I received a confirmation of the internship in the EAD recycling company in Darmstadt and it proved me – these people are doing everything they can to help, even what at first seemed impossible. During our meetings I became more and more convinced about this thought. This programme is a great example of real diverse internship, not the one where you have to perform some rudimental or nonessential stuff. The project aims to explain all the nuances of Business in chosen sphere. In my case it was from the very DEAPTH, which was travelling with the garbage collectors through the city while talking about routine issues, up to the very TOP, which meant working side by side with the heads of Recycling and Controlling departments, or assisting in the experiments for finding a solution of reducing mercury’s air emissions. The one thing that impressed me the most is that I saw more than just people who are working in recycling sphere for years. I am grateful for such an experience.

Additionally, GIZ found me an internship in the city which perfectly suited my interests and status, as Darmstadt is the student capital of Hessen region. Was it by chance or not, however there I was able to do my beloved hobby (wrestling), as well as go to the swimming pool and attend free German language lessons. Rest assured: if you decide to do an internship through this programme, you won’t find yourself in some forsaken place.

Svitlana Petrashko – Leibniz-Institut für Agrarentwicklung in Transformationsökonomien (IAMO), Halle (Saale), 2019thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

The valuable baggage of knowledge, new colleagues and friends from all over the world as well as different professional skills! And that is not all of the benefits which the internship at the Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO) has given me. I got the opportunity to have an insight into how research institutes work in Germany. In fact, this institution is a connecting point between science, economy and government. Moreover, it has a huge impact on the further development of the economy not only in Germany, but also in other countries.

As the organization has different projects, I particularly was involved in the project LaScaLa. My daily duties included literature research, recording and editing some statistical data, preparing informational materials, Excel tables etc. I am really happy to be a part of IAMO team and believe that this experience will be a huge step in building my future career back in Ukraine.

Iryna Markiv – METRO AG, Düsseldorf, 2019thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

The Internship Programme of German Business for Ukraine is a wonderful opportunity for me to obtain invaluable international experience and to be a part of professional and cultural exchange. The managers and coordinators arranged the programme at the highest level and planned everything to perfection. I was warmly welcomed at Metro AG where I got an amazing chance to develop myself as a professional in the financial sphere and to contribute to financial digitalization of the company through modern approaches and software. Also, it was great to reconcile practical experience with unforgettable trips and enjoyable activities in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf.
I am very grateful for this fabulous possibility for professional growth and exploring Germany.

Illia Khamza – nicetec GmbH, Bissendorf / Osnabrück, 2019thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

First of all, I would like to thank GIZ and Dr. Volberg personally for all the excellent work they have done to make this internship happen. All members of GIZ team were very friendly, constantly in touch with me and have been thinking 10 steps ahead. The company that took me as an intern turned out to be exactly the place I wanted to join, and my colleagues are all very nice people with whom I feel very comfortable working. Of course, getting used to a new place is not easy, but Germany is a wonderful country, and the experience that I am receiving during this internship can hardly be obtained anywhere else.

Ксенія Таранова – Hannover Rück SE, Hannover, 2019thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

Мой GIZ! Трудно писать отзыв о такой программе, но могу сказать одно – я безумно благодарна за неё и за всё, что она мне дала, либо же ещё даст в будущем. Всё началось весной, когда на просторах интернета я нашла некий буклет программы стажировок в Германии. Уже осенью я прошла интервью с некой огромной страховой компанией, специализирующейся в перестраховании, к которому я, кстати, даже неплохо подготовилась! Находясь уже тут, было сложно поверить в реальность происходящего, и в переходный период нам активно помогали сотрудники GIZ. Они собрали всех участников вместе уже в Германии, в Бонне, на несколько дней. Было много тренингов, экскурсий, да и всего остального, что могло нам как-то помочь в следующие 3+ месяца!

Так вот, сама стажировка. Компания у меня была просто огромная, там работает 3000 человек по всему миру! И я была одним их этих людей. Мне объясняли, как ведётся работа, знакомили с основными рынками, показывали отчёты компании и аналитику по фирме. Я начала с обучения, чтения теории, тренингов, затем понемногу мне давали всё более и более серьезные задания, из которых я вынесла много полезного. Я даже полюбила сферу перестрахования, с которой не была близко знакома до этого. Фирма очень дружелюбная, как и все немцы, не думаю, что хоть кто-то себя может тут чувствовать лишним. Я даже и не знаю, что сказать, но главное не бояться, а проявлять инициативу везде, и всё будет замечательно! При любой проблеме вам обязательно помогут все с GIZ (а особенно Кирилл, он наш ангел-хранитель тут), вы действительно всегда можете рассчитывать на помощь, никого уж в беде не оставят.

Эта программа просто „wunderbar“! Всё, бегите подаваться и цените каждую недельку на работе, такой опыт – бесценен!

Yaroslav Kapustianskyi – Leibniz-Institut für Agrarentwicklung in Transformationsökonomien (IAMO), Halle (Saale), 2019thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

The Internship Program is the great opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and meet many nice and interesting people not only from Germany, but also from all parts of the world. I am fortunate to be doing internship exactly in Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO). The Institute is the place, where much interesting research as well as a lot of worthy projects are conducted. Here I am glad to work together with brilliant, supportive and wide experienced people! Thank you for such an opportunity.

Nataliya Yadzhak (Shtayura) – Andritz Hydro GmbH, Ravensburg, 2018thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

Im Rahmen des Stipendienprogramms der deutschen Wirtschaft für die Ukraine habe ich ein Praktikum in der Ingenieurabteilung der Firma Andritz Hydro GmbH gemacht. Die Menge neuer Kenntnisse, Erfahrung, Eindrücke und Emotionen, die ich während dieser drei Monate in Deutschland bekommen habe, ist schwer zu beschreiben.

Ein dreimonatiges Praktikum in einem der weltweit führenden Industrieunternehmen im Bereich der Wasserkraft hat mich in vielerlei Hinsicht beeinflusst und bereichert. Ich lernte technische Aufgabenstellungen moderner Industrie und ihre Lösungsansätze nicht durch Lesen und Zuhören, sondern durch eine unmittelbare Teilnahme an diesen Prozessen kennen, sodass ich den Zusammenhang zwischen theoretischen Fächern und Herausforderungen moderner Industrie besser verstehen konnte. Um eine Vorstellung von der Unternehmenskultur und der Arbeitsweise des Unternehmens zu erlangen, erhielt ich Einblicke in die Arbeit verschiedener Abteilungen und des gesamten Unternehmens, nahm an den Schulungen und Besprechungen teil.

Der Praktikumsbereich stand in einem engen Bezug zu meiner Bildung und zur Promotionsthema. Als ich in die Ukraine zurückgekehrt bin, wurde mir angeboten für den Studierenden der Universität die Lehrveranstaltungen im Kurs „Computermodellierung in Industrieprozessen“ abzuhalten. So hatte ich eine Möglichkeit die während des Praktikums in Deutschland erworbenen Kenntnisse praktisch einzusetzen und den Studierenden mitzuteilen.

Außerdem habe ich während meines Praktikums viele neue Leute kennengelernt, Fähigkeiten und Erfahrung in der interkulturellen Kommunikation erworben, meine Fremdsprachenkenntnisse vor allem im technischen Bereich verbessert. Ich bekam auch eine Möglichkeit, mich mit den deutschen Bräuchen und Traditionen tiefer vertraut zu machen und einen Oster- und Karnevalsgeist zu spüren.

„Jede Reise bringt einen Menschen weiter, man kommt nie so zurück, wie man losgefahren ist: man wird reifer, erfahrener, toleranter und weiser“, – steht an einer deutschen Postkarte. Das Praktikum bei Andritz Hydro brachte mir eine enorme Erfahrung sowohl in der Arbeit als auch im Leben in einem anderen Land, gab mir viele Kenntnisse, die für meine Promotion, das Verfassen der Doktorarbeit und zukünftigen Karriereweg wichtig sind, erweiterte meinen wissenschaftlichen Horizont und half mir, in die Atmosphäre des deutschen Lebens, der Arbeitskultur, der Sitten und Bräuche einzutauchen.

Mykyta Ivaniuk – Knorr-Bremse AG, München, 2018thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

Mein Praktikum im Ramen des „Stipendienprogramms der deutschen Wirtschaft für die Ukraine“, das ich in der sonnigen Stadt München am Hauptsitz des führenden deutschen Bremshersteller Knorr-Bremse AG absolviert habe, hat 5 Monate gedauert. Knorr-Bremse ist ein großes internationales und innovatives Unternehmen, deswegen habe ich in der Forschungs-Abteilung „Virtuelles Testen und Simulation“ mit Menschen aus sieben anderen Ländern an Projekten der Spitzentechnologie gearbeitet. Obwohl ich mich in einen für mich neuen Arbeitsbereich einarbeiten musste, habe ich meine theoretischen Kenntnisse nicht nur erfolgreich angewendet, sondern deutlich erweitert. Dieses Praktikum hat mir eine außergewöhnliche Möglichkeit geboten, um eigene Fähigkeiten zur Teamarbeit, Anpassung, Improvisation zu entwickeln sowie meine schnelle Auffassungsgabe zu stärken. Diese Erfahrung hat schon meine Interessen und Ziele positiv beeinflusst, sowie meine Berufschancen stark erhöht.

Andrew Balinski and Olena Leonhard – Software Development, SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG, Walldorf, 2017Andrew&Aliona

Deep knowledge in chosen studying field and practical experience make a true professional. While the first component is a goal of university education, second one is barely covered due to impossibility of recreating real working conditions. Therefore, being students we were looking for internship programs, that would give us an idea of what we will face after graduation and starting a job in a company. Internship Programme of German Business for Ukraine was a truly priceless find for us. Not only were we given a possibility to become a part of a team of one of the biggest software company in the world SAP, but also had an unforgettable journey into German culture, customs and everyday life.

Software development is a sophisticated and long process and its understanding only possible when you deal with it in real-life conditions. And the fullest possible picture of it was open for us to explore in framework of SAP projects. We were involved in developments for customers, and the ones for internal and research use. As a result, we have gained an understanding in working process, in the way software development is driven in big European companies, as well as strengthened our programming skills and expanded our set of used technologies. We believe, such experience is a great step in our professional careers, which has made us more competent and thus wanted employees.

Віктор Савінок – Інститут європейської політики IEP, Берлін, 2017Savinok

В рамках Програми я проходив практику у відділі Capacity Development Інституту європейської політики (м. Берлін) – одного з найбільших та най старіших німецьких thinktanks, які займаються дослідженням міжнародних відносин та європейської інтеграції.Зважаючи на те, що тематика моєї дисертації безпосередньо пов’язана з питаннями європейської політики Німеччини, стажування в такій науковій установі справді було відмінною можливістю. Однак, практика дозволила не лише зібрати матеріали для дисертаційного дослідження чи провести необхідні інтерв’ю, але й здобути цілу низку інших навичок та корисних напрацювань. Під час перебування в Німеччині мені вдалося не лише вдосконалити власні здібності як аналітика та пошуковця, але й перевести їх в цілком конкретну площину – зараз готуються до видання дві наукових статті, в яких досліджуються виміри європейської політики ФРН. Неоціненне значення стажування мало й з точки зору розуміння загальної політичної ситуації у ФРН, що важливо не лише напередодні вересневих виборів до Бундестагу, але й в особистому плані як для дослідника-германіста. Спроби ж аналізу політичного середовища Німеччини були висвітлені в кількох статтях, підготованих під час практики та люб’язно опублікованих ресурсом «Європейська правда».
До того ж, практика була унікальною змогою для занурення в повсякденну роботу німецьких «мозкових центрів» та покращення навичок ділової комунікації. Вдалося також й поліпшити навички документообігу та проектної діяльності. Водночас, специфіка відділу, в котрому проходило моє стажування, передбачала комунікацію також й з партнерськими установами Інституту в Україні, що дозволило вдосконалити й перекладацькі здібності.

Загалом же, враховуючи потенціал професійного зростання й практичну користь, можливості для «занурення» в німецькомовний простір й повсякденне життя в ФРН, а також наявність достатньої кількості вільного часу для подорожей та саморозвитку, практика, яку я мав нагоду пройти в рамках Стипендійної програми, становить непересічну можливість, котра створює суттєвий потенціал для подальшого кар’єрного, професійного та особистісного зростання.

Bohdanna Potiatynnyk – Leibniz-Institut für Agrarentwicklung in Transformationsökonomien (IAMO), Halle (Saale), 2017thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

Thank you to the Internship Programme of German Business for Ukraine for the great experience and unforgettable memories.

I had good opportunity to get new knowledge in my field of study and work in German corporate atmosphere that gave me some incentives for the future plans.

Kirill Braga – Marketing, John Deere GmbH, Mannheim, 20162f

Currently I have a position of Regional Sales Manager in a big production company in Ukraine (OSCAR Production Group) and I’m responsible for Asian region. Experience that I receive during my internship currently helps me to understand how to behave and work with international companies and promote my company at the global market. Also Internship programme helped me to develop my skills in communication when you should present information for people form four countries participating in one meeting.

Yana Ivanova – Software Development (PLC), Bosch Rexroth GmbH, Lohr am Main, 2016

I’ve graduated from Chernihiv Technical University in January 2017 with distinctions. My specialization was a specialized computer systems. When I learned about Internship Programme of German Business for Ukraine, I didn’t have any practical experience. Worth mentioning, that being a student (before the programme), I tried to get a job. But our companies are not engaged in employment of students and providing the first practical experience. And especially so, the programme was a great chance for me.

I was doing my internship in a big and well-known company Bosch Rexroth situated in Lohr am Main and worked as a C++ developer writing software for PLCs. And I’ve got a lot of experience in international company. After my coming back it was no big deal to find good job in few months. I held several interviews in different companies and everywhere I got all positive responses. So, I chose the best option for me and started a good career in my native city, working in Ukrainian subsidiary of Israeli company NGSoft.

I think, that decisive impetus was the presence of my international experience, level of English (I’ve improved my language skills during internship) and knowledge of important working moments (for programmers) like system control version and agile scrum (which I’ve trained in Germany).

I also want to add that I’ve changed the type of activity. In University I studied and wanted to work in hardware part, but after internship I understood that software and high-level languages are also can be interesting. So, now I’m C# developer and I want to develop myself in this direction.

Viktoria Babanina – Allianz SE, München, 2016 Babanina

Стажировка проходила у фінансовому центрі Німеччини – Баварії – у м. Мюнхен у всесвітньо відомій cтраховій компанії «Allianz SE» («Альянз») у відділі «Allianz CEE» ( Allianz Central & Eastern Europe). Цей відділ займається стратегічним розвитком, плануванням та здійсненням фінансування в регіонах Центральної і Східної Європи, а саме у Болгарії, Чеській Республіці, Хорватії, Угорщині, Польщі, Румунії та Словаччині. Ввіділ складався із семи підрозділів, один із яких – Technical Excellence («технічна досконалість») – покликан давати стійкий і прибутковий зріст компанії в цілому за рахунок прийняття і управління ризиками, зокрема – шляхом більш щільної роботи з клієнтами. Моя основна робота полягала у створенні пакетів документів та баз даних для подальшого прийняття управлінських рішень керівниками та проектними менеджерами підрозділа та відділу в цілому.

Anna Tivilova (Vavenko) – Controlling, LEONI Bordnetz-Systeme GmbH, Kitzingen, 2016


There is no doubt that the Internship helped me a lot with getting my current job as the activities I perform now are similar.

The Programme gave me not only specialized knowledge within my profession like some aspects of accounting and reporting, combined with real practical tasks in SAP, but also it inspired me to develop myself in the field I chose and made me sure that finance is really what I want to do. A year ago I was an intern in controlling at LEONI that gave me an opportunity to make the first step to my career and to receive a job offer in accounting at Philip Morris Ukraine in shortest period after back home. The link between my participation in the Programme and my present place is evident as an experience and some skills I gained there are applicable even in my current activities, and I am grateful for this.

Pavlo Kotenko – KWS SAAT SE, Einbeck, 2016thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

Internship in Germany provided me with experience and knowledge, which I have many times already applied to my job. During the internship each intern blends into the company’s team and starts to work just as any regular employee. The internship gave me a chance to experience work and management style in a leading German company, which I’ll try to introduce in Ukraine in future.

Дмитро Ільницький – Dyckerhoff GmbH, Wiesbaden, 2016 Dmytro
Програма стажування німецького бізнесу для України стала для мене надзвичайним досвідом та початком кар’єри в сфері хімічної технології.
Я проходив практику в Dyckerhoff – компанії із світовим ім’ям, що має підприємства не тільки в Німеччині, а і по всьому світі, також і в Україні. Після практики я вже був працевлаштований в цій компанії в місті Здолбунів Рівненської області, щоправда протягом літніх канікул, тимчасово, бо маю закінчити навчання. Без сумніву, це був дуже корисний досвід для мене, як молодого спеціаліста.
Олександр Краснощок – Bombardier Transportation GmbH, Henningsdorf, 2016


Я проходив практику на одній з найбільших у світі машинобудівних компаній – Bombardier Transportation GmbH – в рамках Програми Німецького бізнесу у 2016 році. Bombardier Transportation – це дочірня компанія Bombardier, яка надає широкий спектр послуг в залізничній індустрії. Я займався розробкою технічної документації для різних типів одно- та двуповерхових потягів. Практика в такій компанії дала мені не лише немало практичних навичок та знань, але й значно збільшила мої кар’єрні можливості. Так, наприклад, після повернення до України я мав змогу пройти практику в найбільшій в Україні авіакомпанії – Міжнародні Авіалінії України. В аналітичному розділі свого диплому я міг також посилатись на технічну документацію літаків, маючи набагато краще уявлення щодо регулювання відносин та звітності у транспортній індустрії. Під час практики на Bombardier Transportation GmbH я також здобув знання щодо принципу управління таким великим концерном і маю мрію втілити цей принцип в українській компанії.

Sofia Sergulya – METRO AG, Düsseldorf, 2015thumbnail_DSC_0574-3

In Autumn 2015 I was one of the first generation of scholarship holders of the internship programme of German Businesses for Ukraine. In the framework of the programme I have spent 4 months in Dusseldorf being a part of Corporate Public Policy team at Metro Group, one of the largest global diversified retailers and wholesalers. Apart from getting acquainted with German culture, enhancing my language skills and using the chance to travel around Europe, I have deepened my knowledge of global markets, learnt lobbying tools of international corporations and tested effective communication techniques. The internship has significantly helped me to become more competitive on Ukrainian job market.


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