3rd step: Selection

Latest until end of August 2020, all candidates will be notified whether they have made it onto the shortlist or not.

Shortlisted candidates will be recommended to German companies. Most companies decide which candidate to select on the basis of the written application and the recommendation of the selection committee. However, some of the companies also conduct short skype / telephone interviews with the recommended candidates themselves. If this is the case, your company will contact you and arrange an additional interview in autumn.

PLEASE BE AWARE: when shortlisted DOES NOT automatically mean that a candidate has received an internship. 

Companies will make their final choice among the candidates on the shortlist. This means that some of them will not be chosen by a company and will not receive an internship even though they are shortlisted.

Generally, by the end of November the application procedure is completed and all interns are chosen and invited to participate.

Mid of December 2020 an administrative meeting, workshops and appointment at the German Embassy for visa application will be held. Lastly, mid of December 2020 a solemn reception of the  chosen candidates will take place in Kyiv.


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