Q: I have already graduated. May I still apply?
A: Yes. However, your should have finished your studies not earlier than June 2019.

Q: Applicants from which countries are eligible to apply?
A: Students from Ukraine holding a Ukrainian citizenship, who have already completed at least 6 semesters and which are or were previously enrolle at a Ukrainian university.

Q: I am studying medicine. May I apply?
A: Only students or graduates who have studied or have experience from one of the following spheres may apply:

  • Waste management and circular economy
  • Construction
  • Mining and geotechnical engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Chemistry / Pharmaceutical industry
  • Electrical engineering / Mechatronics
  • Energy management and Renewable energies
  • Finance / Insurance
  • Geography
  • German studies
  • IT und computer technology
  • Design and Architecture
  • Law studies
  • Communication / Media
  • Agriculture / Agricultural engineering and management
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Political and social studies
  • Management consulting
  • Economics and audit
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Environment protection and „green economy“

Therefore, having studied one of these spheres is one of the main grounds for being accepted to this programme. However, if you happen to have studied medicine or any other sphere not included in the list, you may still apply for an internship in one of the aforementioned spheres. If that sphere, for instance, would happen to be Communication / Media, the prerequisite here would be you having experience writing for a medical journal and very good command of English and / or German.

Please note that the list of fields of study may vary from year to year according to the number of participating companies and their field of business.

Q: I study/  have studied in a college (not a university), can I apply?
A: No, only students or graduates of higher education establishments, such as universities or academies (regardless of whether state or private) may apply.

Q: What is a transcript of records and does the translation need to be certified?
A: The transcript of records is an overview of the courses you have taken as well as your grades. Your faculty can issue such a document. You can translate the documents yourself into English or German and the translation does not need to be verified neither by notary, nor by a translation agency. Only if you are invited to the interview, you will have to bring the official translation / verification.

Q: I don’t speak German, however I do know English. May I apply?
A: German is an advantage, but not a precondition. However, in case you don’t happen to know German, you must have very good knowledge of English in order to take part in this programme.

Q: Which application documents do I have to submit and how can I apply?
A: The application documents should consist of two PDF-files:

Please send both documents at Bewerbungen-GIZ-Stipendienprogramm-Ukraine@giz.de
The e-mail with the attachments should not be larger than 7 megabytes in total.

Q: What do I have to consider when writing my motivation letter?
A: The letter showing your clear motivation to participate in the programme is very important.
In the first place, the companies, which provide the internships, would like to know:

  • Why have you decided to apply for an internship in a particular sphere and why would you like to complete it in Germany?
  • What qualifications do you possess to undertake such an internship?
  • How would you like to use the obtained expertise when you come back to Ukraine?

Just simple interest is insufficient to be accepted for this programme.

Q: Do I have to submit a picture in my application?
A: Yes, a good quality picture is required as part of the application. Consider your picture to be your business card.

Q: What happens after the submission of my application?
A:  Within 10 days after the submission of your application, you will receive a confirmation of its receipt and registration. These confirmations are being sent out manually, therefore it may take up to 10 days for you to receive one.

Q: Will every application be registered?
A:  No, we would only accept complete and correctly filled out applications. One of the most common mistakes is the lack of signature on the application form, participant and Data Protection declarations. If your application was refused registration for the aforementioned reasons, you may correct the mistakes and resend it as long as the deadline for applications has not yet passed.

Q: When do I receive news of the results and where do the selection interviews take place?
A: By July 15th the applicants will either receive per e-mail an invitation to an interview or a rejection letter. The selection interviews are held in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Odesa.

Q: Will I receive a scholarship and what costs are covered?
A: All participants will receive enough financial means to afford living in Germany during the internship. GIZ and the inviting companies would bear these costs for you as well as pay for your transportation to and from Germany.

Q: Are my chances to be accepted higher if I apply for an internship in two different fields?
A: No, we prefer applicants with a clear focused interest in one specific sphere.


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